The Tour de South Coast is open to cyclists of 18 years of age and over. Those 16 years and over can participate as long as they are accompanied by an adult.

Once you have entered for the Event no refunds or credits can be offered for cancellations or no shows for the event.

Transfers are accommodated up to 7 days before the event. Please email tourdesouthcoast@gmail.com if you want to transfer your registration including the details of the person, including emergency contact information, to whom the transfer is being made to.

Tour de South Coast is NOT a closed road event. It is essential that all cyclists adhere to the rules of the road as there will be some level of traffic on the route. While we try to make the event as safe as possible, we cannot remove risks and dangers to participants and, accordingly, you participate at your own risk.

It is requested that all cyclists ride in single file where appropriate and no more than 2 abreast at any time.

By registering for the Tour de South Coast you are declaring you are physically fit to take part and I hereby assume all the risks of participating in the Event.

By registering participants agree to abide by the Rules and Regulations and FAQ/Guidelines, which I understand, may change from time to time and be posted on the event web site or social media managed by the event.

You are responsible for your own safety on the road. No Helmet, No Cycle.

Cyclists must ensure that their bicycle is road worthy and that their brakes are in good working order. There is limited provision for on course technical support. Bring a spare tube and small pump in case you get a puncture.

The event operates under a strict Leave No Trace policy. Please bring your litter home with you.